IOF WOC Clinic

The IOF WOC Clinic is dedicated to athletes from National Federations which are IOF members but cannot send athletes to WOC 2023 due to financial difficulties. Participants will be provided accommodation, transport, meals and high level coaching.

The IOF WOC Clinic also focuses on learning of orienteering skills and exchange of knowledge and experience with orienteering development between participating athletes and the Clinic coaches and leaders.

National Federations can enter maximum 1 female and 1 male athlete. Candidates should be promising athletes and nomination of athletes younger than 30 years is especially encouraged.

IOF WOC Clinic 2023:

The following athletes have been selected for WOC Clinic 2023:

NAME and family name/Gender (M/W) COUNTRY IOF ID
Carl Louis Holmes (M) South Africa 24046
Andra Cecilia Anghel (W) Romania 153
Alexandru Marinel Blejdea (M) Romania 7719
Marko Radovanovic (M) Serbia 35581
Laura Lorena Arbelaez Bedoya (W) Colombia 42877
Olesea Manchevici (W) Moldavia 3694
Simon Stanonik (M) Slovenia 28447
Mariana Wonhrath Boldrin (W) Brasil 40217
Mariana Ostetto (W) Brasil 37644
Aziz Kiziltas (M) Turkey 37794
Yaren Yilmaz (W) Turkey 42410

Reports from previous IOF WOC Clinics: