Maze Orienteering

MAZE Orienteering – Beyond the Limits

越野识途比赛是一项全球运动发生all continents. In recent years, Orienteering has also become an exciting TV sport where you can basically follow the runner every step. Orienteering has also expanded from the forest to urban terrain. Indoor Orienteering and MAZE Orienteering have also increased interest in the sport.

MAZE Orienteering (MAZE O) is a multi-tool for the development of the sport of Orienteering. MAZE O can be used in many areas. MAZE O is both easy to arrange and easy for participants and audience to understand. MAZE O is a great tool for education, promotion, activities for children and youth, for training and competition. There is no other orienteering activity that has these characteristics that MAZE O has.

Speed climbing, Skateboard and now also Parkour are some sports that appeal to both young people and the TV audience. Attractive and exciting sports that you can practice where you live and stay. Sports arenas that can be built permanently or temporarily. The similarities with MAZE O are great. Not least the duel between the contestants!

MAZE O is built on the fundamental ideas:

  • It’s a way to present Orienteering as a spectacular sport for media and introducing Orienteering to new groups of the population.
  • Spectators can watch and follow actions of professional orienteers under competitive conditions in real time, all the way from start to finish.
  • A chance for everyone to get involved. Everyone can find controls in the competition area without any special technical and physical abilities.

The Concept of MAZE O

迷宫啊,就像一个游戏有不同的水平of courses. When you pass level 1, you move on to the next level until you pass the last difficult level. In our concept we are using green, blue, red and black courses for training, a MAZE O Race for competition and two different courses of duel. For sure Super Mario, the most famous orienteer, should love it as all kids do. MAZE O is maybe the best way to promote the great sport of Orienteering.

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