O-Ringen Academy

The O-Ringen Academy is a place for orienteering runners from different countries and of different levels including beginners to meet and exchange their experience and learn new things.

The advantage of the O-Ringen Academy is that even orienteers from non-IOF countries can participate.

O-Ringen is a place where you can see elite runners, runners of different ages and different orienteering skills. O-Ringen is historically the largest orienteering event in the world.

The O-Ringen Academy has had a long tradition. It was founded in 1973, when the O-Ringen for the first time invited young runners (M18-W18) from all orienteering countries to come and learn new skills.

O-Ringen Academy 2023

O-Ringen 2023 will take place in Åre in Jämtland, Sweden. Bulletin nr. 1 for the O-Ringen Academy 2023 is published, together with the application template and the scholarship application template. All three documents are available in the folder below.

Applications must be submitted by 30th April to Academy ResponsibleJaroslav Kacmarcik, IOF Global Development Commission.


The IOF will give some financial support to participation in O-Ringen Academy for applicants from an orienteering developing country or a country which is not yet a member of the IOF.

的following participants have been awared a scholarship for the 2023 O-Ringen Academy:

  • Ricardo Arango, Colombia (750 EUR)
  • Kristian Gashi, Kosovo (750 EUR)
  • Nuno Cossa, Mozambique (750 EUR)
  • Augustus Owinyi, Uganda (750 EUR)