SPORTident’s O-App now supports Score-O and Rogaining

Press release from IOF-partner SPORTident:

Score-O and Rogaining now supported by the O-App

With the latest release of the SPORTident Orienteering App (R276) comes new possibilities. Score-O and Rogaining trainings and competitions can now be managed with the app. In this context, SPORTident Center allows for a great visual representation of the results of these two forms of Orienteering by displaying the individual route choices on the map.

Score-O或Rogaining competition can either be created in OCAD, starting with the course layout, or directly in the O-App. The map and courses created in OCAD are uploaded as usual to SPORTident Center. When opening the O-App and confirming the popped up dialog “Import new event from SPORTident Center?”, the data is downloaded into the O-App.

The imported or newly created competition can be further configured in the “Event setup” area with the familiar menu “EVENT”, “CLASSES” and “SERVICE”. Under the tab “CLASSES” classes and courses can be created and edited. In addition to the classic Orienteering “Default” course type, “Score-O (ranking by time)” and “Rogaining (ranking by score)” can now also be selected there. There is also the option to specify target scores, time limits and penalties.

Registering competitors and reading out SI-Cards is handled as with any other competition managed in the O-App. Depending on your settings, the app automatically publishes results to SPORTident Center as they come in.

QR codes with direct result links can be published for participants to analyse their results and compare their route choices. By scanning the QR code, the participant immediately gets to the results and can look at them in detail on his or her mobile phone in the three sections “Overview”, “Analysis” and “Map”.

In the “Overview”, the respective class and participant can be selected in order to view personal split times. “Analysis” visualises these split times graphically and puts them in relation to other competitors.

To make the results presentation perfect, it is possible to display the individual route choices on the “Map”. The Spectromap allows you to visualise performance on individual legs by a number of metrics such as position, speed and time relative to the best time on that leg.

Please take a look at the results of aScore-OorRogainingdemo eventright now and let yourself be inspired by the new possibilities.

We will draw one of the very last SIACs of the Special Edition “SIAC 2023” among the first 5 newly uploaded Score-OL or Rogaining competitions in period from 25.08.23 to 06.09.23.

We wish you a lot of fun with the new O-App features.