Young Leaders Academy

2023: 30 June – 7 July, Veneto, ITALY – during “5 Days Italy”

Information updated 2 February 2023

The purpose of the Young Leaders Academy (YLA) is to enable young orienteers aged 16-25 to support their talent and support their competencies regarding developing orienteering (train-the-trainers), but it will also be an opportunity to network (connect worldwide).


  1. During the day: 5 Days Italy competitions and support to the organisers in different roles/functional areas before or after your own race
  2. Late afternoon: Lectures and workshops at the hotel that help to improve your personal orienteering, organisation and coaching skills
  3. After dinner: You work on your individual project on how to develope and to promote Orienteering in your home country. These projects are exchanged and discussed


HotelCasa Alpina Bruno e Paola Mari.

The hotel has a central location when it comes to the arenas of “5 Days Italy”. Lectures and workshops will take place at the hotel.

Participation fee and other costs

The participation fee for YLA is differentiated based on the membership fee groups for the national federations in the IOF.Click hereto see the fee group for each national federation (coloumn 2).

  • Membership fee group 1-3: 450 EUR participation fee per person
  • Membership fee group 4-7: 300 EUR participation fee per person
  • Membership fee group 8-10: 200 EUR participation fee per person
  • Ukraine: 100 EUR participation fee per person

参与费涵盖住宿、所有的我als, entry fee for all stages of “5 Days Italy”, transportation to/from stages, lectures, workshops and a T-shirt for YLA participants.

The participation fee will be invoiced from the IOF in advance of YLA and must be payed before the first day of YLA at 30 June 2023.

Transportation to and from YLA is not included in the participation fee and must be organised separately. Please contactgdc@orienteering.orgif you need guidance on transportation options.


  • Age: 16 – 25
  • Ability to successfully finish a O-competition of your age class
  • Good english skills
  • Maximum of three participants per country/national federation


You should apply with a short video of one minute in English showing:

  • 30” your motivation (Why me in camp?)
  • 30” freestyle (What else is important?)

The video or a link to your video must be sent by e-mail togdc@orienteering.orgincluding name, address and year of birth.

Application: Ongoing. Maximum 25 (and 3 per nation) can participate.