International Coaches’ Conference in Austria next week

Update August 6th!

We now decided to broadcast the upcoming coaches conference (08.-10.08.) ONLINE as wellto enable the participation to more people. Online participation is possible on a daily basis (75 € per day, 200 € for all 3 days). Entries can be made via email toausbildung@oefol.atuntil the evening before, the link for the online meeting will be provided subsequently.

Coaches of the leading orienteering countries meet between the 8thand 10thAugust for an international conference to share their perspective on different orienteering topics. For the third time after 2009 and 2015 Austria hosts this symposium which is also part of the Austrian trainers’ education program.

Experts from eight nations will discuss performance diagnostics in orienteering, gender-specific questions and individual support in training, structures of the high performance field, best practise orienteering trainings and assumptions of the future of orienteering.

Coaches from Norway (Janne Salmi), Switzerland (Kilian Imhof), Finland (Petteri Kähäri, Miia Niittynen) and Austria (Radek Novotný), to name some of the experts, will give insights into their training and national team policy.

Short summaries of the coaches lessons will be published “live” on the homepage of theAustrian Orienteering Federationas well as on the social media accountsFacebookandInstagram.

Detailed information about the Coaches’ Conference can be foundhere.

Last minute entries for interested guests can be madevia email.

The Austrian Orienteering Federation is looking forward to an exciting and informative conference.