The Quixotic Road is a path chosen for life that is focused on happiness, self-expression, and learning how to be a meaningful part of this earth. It is a road for people who have discovered their own passion for disregarding a set of social and cultural guidelines that dictates how every step of their life must be taken. There is no single way to follow this road....join me in discovering how to find your own direction.

Welcome! My name is Heather Martin

I am a photographer, a sculptural artist, and a dancer. I love creating, whether from my eyes through visual images, from my hands through material I can grasp and mold, or from my body through intangible motion. Travel is what puts visions in my head and I have no greater goal than seeing the world and funneling it into my creations. I believe in living a life that seeks to encompass a wide breadth and understanding of the human experience.



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